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The Yeti Files – Meet the Big feet by Kevin Sherry

Blizz Richards is a great guy, a caring boss, and a loyal friend. Oh, yeah…he’s also a yeti! He’s made it his life’s mission to study cryptids like him, hidden animals who have taken a powerful oath to never be seen by the outside world.

So when a photo of Cousin Brian becomes a media sensation, Brian can’t handle the guilt and disappears. But it’s time for the annual Bigfoot family reunion, and it won’t be the same without him. Luckily, Blizz and his devoted team are on the case. Can they find their furry friend before their secret gets out for good?


This easy to read book with illustrations on each and every page is great for those beginner readers who need a little more motivation. I never knew there were so many types of bigfeet! And if you’re in it for the yeties, you’ll get a surprise with the very large cast of characters from goblin to elf to genius dogs who are very un-appreciated. And this crazy fun story is set in Canada!! YaY!!

The text is big and bold, the illustrations are hilarious, and with the chapter book/comic book/graphic novel style, there is tons to look at on each page! Short attention spans will be satisfied!

Lessons to be learned are… the value of friendship, we all make mistakes, don’t take anyone for granted, and more!

This story is set to be a series, and I for one cant wait to see these characters in action again! A fantastically fun read!!


The Notebook of Doom – The Rise of the Balloon Goons by Troy Cummings


Warning! This notebook is filled with monsters.

Alexander Bopp has just moved to Stermont and already he thinks it is one creepy town. First, he finds a notebook filled with monster drawings. Then he starts seeing balloon goons – those arm-waving balloon guys – all over town. Are they after him? And what’s really in that notebook?

Alexander is about to find out!


I didn’t know what to expect from this book. When I picked it up from my bookstore, all I knew was it was popular with 6-8 year olds who were just starting chapter books, so I thought I’d give it a go.

Think you have it rough? Poor Alexander Bopp just can’t catch a break on his first day of school in a new town. The day just keeps getting weirder and weirder!

This book is about not so scary things, like wacky wavy balloon guys, turning out to be scary! finding the courage to do what’s right and finding friends in unlikely people, like the school bully. Nothing is what it seems!

I can tell you that if your child likes goofy, silly, kind of creepy adventure mysteries, they will enjoy the Notebook of Doom! At the end of the first book, some of my questions still aren’t answered, the mystery continues, and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!

A great beginner chapter book!

Stitch Head by Guy Bass

In Castle Grotteskew something BIG is about to happen……to someone SMALL.

Join a mad professor`s forgotten creation as he steps out of the shadows into the adventure of an almost-lifetime…

In the frightening, maze-like dungeon laboratory deep within Castle Grotteskew, mad scientist Professor Erasmus brings his bizarre experiments to life. His first creation, Stitch Head, has long been forgotten. But when a traveling circus ringmaster promises to make him a star, Stitch Head is torn between his almost-life in the castle and the promise of fame outside its walls. Before he can decide what to do, Castle Grotteskew and its inhabitants (living and almost-living) are in danger: the professor’s latest monstrous creation has smashed its way to freedom, and Stitch Head may be the only one who can stop it.

I cannot express how much i love this book. It has everything!! Delightfully odd characters, witty funny moments, wonderfully quirky adventure and illustration.

The Adentures of Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey

George and Harold have created the greatest superhero in the history of their elementary school – and now they`re going to bring him to life! Meet Captain Underpants! His true identity is so secret, even he doesn`t know who he is!

There has been buzz about this book for years! Ever since this book came out it has launched hordes of kids into the world of reading. Still to this day, when kids are less than thrilled about reading, the Captain Underpants books are recommended. Now I know why.

When I bought this book, the cashier said he had read it with his son. He asked “Do you want to know what I thought about this book?” and when I said yes, he said “It was better than I thought it would be.  And I had already thought it was going to be good.”

I think that sums it up pretty well. I had already expected great things from this book, and I was pleasantry surprised with what I found.

It is creative, witty, silly, adventurous, action packed and crazy funny! There were quite a few times when I was laughing out loud and thinking, well I didn’t see that coming!

An amazing read! I`m so happy I get it now!

Oliver and the Seawigs by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre

Along with his friends, a grumpy old albatross, a short-sighted mermaid, and a friendly island called Cliff, Oliver sets out to rescue his missing parents. On their perilous journey the friends meet evil islands, a boy called Stacey (not a girl’s name) and more sea monkeys than you can wave some seaweed at.

This imaginative, odd and original book was so much fun to read!  A great adventurous read for both boys and girls. These eccentric characters are so easy to love, and you will learn life lessons without even realizing it.

This was another book I found in the 9-12 section, which is completely fine, however; I would recommend this book to kids around 7 years old and up. wayyy up. Go ahead adults, indulge. It was a crazy quick read with wonderful illustrations, and I enjoyed every silly minute of it!

Ever After High: The Storybook of Legends by Shannon Hale!

At Ever After High, an enchanting boarding school, the children of fairytale legends prepare themselves to fulfill their destinies as the next generation of Snow Whites, Prince Charmings and Evil Queens…whether they want to or not. Each year on Legacy Day, students sign the Storybook of Legends to seal their scripted fates. For generations, the Village of Book End has whispered that refusing to sign means The End-both for a story and for a life.

As the daughter of the Evil Queen, Raven Queen’s destiny is to follow in her mother’s wicked footsteps, but evil is so not Raven’s style. She’s starting to wonder, what if she rewrote her own story? The royal Apple White, daughter of the Fairest of Them All, has a happy ever after planned for herself, but it depends upon Raven feeding her a poison apple in their future.

What if Raven doesn’t sign the Storybook of Legends? It could mean a happily never after for them both.

What an excellent story! I absolutely love anything to do with fairy tales, but the modern day twists and play on words were excellent!! Not to mention the life lessons on friendship, believing in who you are, and trusting your instincts! These characters were fun from the start, but developed into so much more throughout!
This book is in the 9-12 age group at the book store, and I would definitely recommend this to the younger of the group, or even younger still! Really, this book would be great for anyone who reads chapter books and loves fairy tales!
Cant wait to read the next! Ever After High: The Unfairest of Them All.

Eerie Elementary – The School is Alive! by Jack Chabert

To his dismay, Sam Graves is made hall monitor at his school, Eerie Elementary. He soon discovers that his school is alive and hungry for kids!! He is the only one who can save everyone! Can he be the hero everyone needs him to be?

A great read for anyone new to the world of chapter books! Each chapter is about 5 pages long and each page has an illustration. This  story has adventure, mystery and friendship. With a cast of colorful characters, this plot it fast paced and full of surprising moments.